14th Powertrain Manufacturing Conference

14th Powertrain Manufacturing Conference
November 21st-22nd, 2017 | Darmstadt | Germany

This conference is an international biennial event for automotive powertrain manufacturing strategies.


Welcome to the 14th Powertrain Manufacturing Conference


Powertrain Manufacturing – Change Drives Progress

• Digitization
• Hybridization / Electrification
• Energy Efficiency
• Process Innovations

Due to the trends of digitization and energy efficiency in manufacturing as well as the increasing hybridization and electrification of automotive powertrains, the automotive industry is faced with holistic changes: Industrie 4.0 promises significant opportunities to optimize manufacturing processes – transforming Big Data to Smart Data becomes crucial in this context. Powertrain electrification leads to structural changes in the automotive sector and to new challenges for manufacturers. Furthermore, increasing demands on energy efficiency and challenging climate goals require innovative approaches to manufacturing processes. Finally, the boundaries of productivity of machining operations are moved due to innovative processes and advanced machining strategies.

Thus, PTW organizes the 14th Powertrain Manufacturing Conference in Darmstadt to provide valuable insights into future trends and challenges regarding the manufacturing of powertrain components.

The conference allows for a close exchange between experts from industry and academic research institutes and therefore offers an ideal platform for the development of future-oriented products, processes and innovative ideas.

Review of the Powertrain Manufacturing Conference 2017